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About Us

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John Verdier

John Verdier, owner and founder of Charvold Homes, is a devoted home builder and remodeler with 22 years of experience. He had previously handled supervision for another company and wanted to branch out and build homes. He loves what he does and will go above and beyond to assist his clients.

About Our Company

Charvold Homes is a construction company located in Weatherford, TX that specializes in home building, remodeling, and more. We are versatile enough to handle any project you might have. Our experts strive to build homes that will stand the test of time for our customers, going above and beyond to produce fantastic results. We’ll do the work that no one else will do because we want to help others, no matter their situations.

We take pride in producing fantastic work and making sure our customers are completely satisfied; just reach out to us to learn more about what we do.


We Value Relationships

“Charvold Homes built a detached garage for us. The quality of the workmanship is superior. The job was completed ahead of schedule. Robert Sullivan, the superv…”

Ray Allee


“This custom designer is experienced, professional, consultative and highly skilled. You will not be disappointed. Cavold can build your fully custom home design…”

Moya Rouse


“Have dealt with Charvold Hones on several projects and have had nothing but positive experience with them. Friendly and quick and everything done right. Will co…”



“5 stars”

Bradley Cromwell